Local 33 UNITE HERE!

the union of graduate employees at Yale

This is @stealyrcarbon here- coming to you from the @UNITEHERE30 picket line in sunny San Diego — we’re going coast to coast today to tell @Marriott that #1job should be enough! https://t.co/Rd0slZWNvw

Tomorrow!! Meet at 425 College street at 10:30 am to head to Boston together. Let’s show @UNITEHERE26 some 33 solidarity! #1job https://t.co/ufFyAU4gCv

Join us this Sat, Oct 20th as we come together with @UNITEHERE26 Marriott workers who are on strike.

Need a ride? We have buses leaving from New Haven on Sat - look out for an email with details. Plans to be in Boston already? Meet us on the picket lines!

#MarriottStrike #1job

Today our colleagues in @hgsuuaw begin negotiations! We can’t wait to see you all win an amazing contract! https://t.co/dkSiyVsFxK
Harvard Grad Students Union-UAW @hgsuuaw
TODAY we start negotiating with the Harvard administration. We’re #readytobargain for a #contractnow. Meet us at Bargain Fest for a festive rally and a march to our first negotiations session at the John Harvard Statue: 10/15, 11:30AM https://t.co/nu5DBFEfit

And over at Tufts, graduate workers in @TuftsGradUnite have just negotiated their first contract! The future of private university graduate school is union!


Hearty congratulations to our colleagues in @WeAreGAGE and @BrownSUGSE for filing for elections! We can’t wait to see you vote #UnionYes! https://t.co/HXl8thaOfF

HAPPENING NOW! We’re tabling over lunch today at the SOM cafe! Come chat with us about racial and gender equity in the graduate school and the faculty body, mental health care access, cancelling Puerto Rican debt, and more!

We’re tabling until 1:30 PM today in Kroon and KBT! Come hang out with us, grab some swag, and learn about our new extended mental health care benefits! https://t.co/hfpJbsDdE9

Please join us at the @ULAnewhaven rally tomorrow at 4:30 PM at First and Summerfield Church in New Haven to stand in solidarity with Nelson Pinos, who will have been in sanctuary for 281 days. #NHV #ImmigrantsAreWelcomeHere #1u

Good union jobs for all! We also know collective bargaining will help us build a more equitable New Haven!

#NHV #1u @ruaaup https://t.co/5nFrg9au4w

We stand with Marriott workers across the country- one job should be enough!!!

#1u #1job #LaborDay #UNITEHERE https://t.co/RvNuPSYwWY
UNITE HERE Local 2 #1job @UniteHereLocal2
We’re fighting for one job to be enough @Marriott, the world’s richest hotel company. And we’re not backing down.

#1job #unitehere #LaborDay #1u https://t.co/ohXGyNNMKC

Happy Labor Day! Today is a great day to reflect on all the labor movement has achieved and a reminder that we must keep fighting together for good working conditions! #1u

Some of our members journeyed to Philadelphia today to join our union sisters and brothers in the first organized-labor-led march against family separation and deportation! #FreeTheChildren #UNITEHERE #1u https://t.co/pQhevAvExl

Congratulations to our graduate worker colleagues for securing an election at @BrownUniversity ! #UnionYes #Solidarity https://t.co/2xhMqWBd4i

Congratulations to our friends at Harvard: the university is coming to the table with @hgsuuaw! Up next: the rest of the Ivy League. https://t.co/lSZYvxcHmo

"What really generates this explosion of resistance among professional workers is when they feel they’re the last line of defense between the public they serve and others who would threaten the professionalism of their work.” https://t.co/31ichvtolj

David Swensen, head of the Yale endowment, "took exception to the [Yale Daily News's] reporting in February of a teach-in event led by student activists that criticized the endowment’s investments," called editor-in-chief a "coward" https://t.co/J22HQGP3by

"There’s more appetite on campus now than I’ve seen before for holding Yale accountable on this." https://t.co/DkqDXd5ptT

Congratulations to our allies in New Hampshire and Quebec for stopping the Northern Pass power project, which a power company tried to build over local protests by making a deal with Yale! https://t.co/VrgrEkPR1X